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The past weeks specials

How to subscribe to Pet Stop SA’s PRIVATE Whatsapp notification list:

What is this?

Pet Stop SA sends out regular Whatsapp news regarding specials, promotions and breaking news. This is PRIVATE as you will only see messages from us and not other members replies. So you are not flooded with loads of comments and crap. 🙂

How do i get on this list?

  1. Add our number onto your phone.

  2. Make sure it is saved on your phone, as whatsapp do not deliver this type of messages to you if it is saved on a sim or other card. 🙁

  3. our number is 082-782 5623

  4. Then send us a whatsapp with your name and surname to subscribe.

  5. We will add you to the list and you will receive future PRIVATE messages!! 🙂