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  • Cheslin Julius

    My experience with Pet Stop SA is very good, because Rasta and Eliah know me by name they always very helpful and excited to see me at the shop and they made sure that I received updates on promotions, specials and the biggest variety of fish
  • Etienne Fourie

    My experience with Pet Stop SA
    I live in a remote area of South Africa. We only have one pet shop. Needless to say I do a lot of online shopping and browsing.
    Pet Stop SA has had a few firsts for me. Firstly they ship livestock! Can`t wait to order. My tank is nearly finished! Lots of ordering to be done then. How brilliant is it to have a shop that is up to overseas standards and actually ship livestock to clients.
    Secondly, frequent online updates of livestock to clients. Another world class service in South Africa. Thirdly, messaging clients to follow up when they have commented or liked a picture on social media. Exceptional!!
    I cannot wait to be in Pretoria and get the chance to visit a store of this calibre!
    So as a depraved fish fanatic, without even visiting the actual store I have already had an amazing experience and in the future it seems the sky will be the limit!
  • Engela

    Morning very professional and friendly personal
  • Kobus Snyman

    Get Scape NPK traces and carbon it`s really working, then my money will come to you and not Dorrys
  • Muller Coetzer

    Every time I visit Pet Stop SA I am greeted by friendly staff ready to assist... and there for ... I also never leave without buying something... Healthy tanks from which the range to choose from is always great.
  • Lana Pieterse

    I visited your store for the first time ever on Saturday. I received very friendly personal assistance from Reon, and was also happy to buy micro worms which I could not find elsewhere.
  • Leon Roux Pet Stop... never afraid to give back to the people and community.
  • Uwais Joosub

    My experience at PET STOP was excellent. Services was quick and very helpful. Even though PET STOP is far from me I always prefer to go there than any other pet store.
  • John Sanders

    Hi guys- Had a pleasant surprise today with my visit to your shop. I managed to get 2 items I have been trying to find for a while. A ruby red scooter blenny & a Hawaiian cleaner wrasse. Both slowly acclimating nicely.
    Definitely going to recommend to other fish friends.
    I have a RSM 250 that`s been going almost a year and I keep loving this sport.
  • Aiden Rosseau

    My experience in Pet Stop is and always has been great due to the service rendered and happiness to assist on problem solving.
    Secondly the prices are of good value too the purchases. This when have to travel from Johannesburg to buy makes it worth the trip for my addiction
    Thank you.
  • Phillip

    Have been to pet stop a couple of times. Best shopping experience I have ever had. The staff is really helpful and they know what they talking about. I drive all the way from Alberton to visit them. Good quality stock and always a friendly smile. Best priced in town also a bonus.
  • Frani

    Morning, I’ve had good and bad experiences as a Newby in the beginning. But with Eliah and Rasta you have a winning team for your shop as they are always friendly and helpful.
  • Grant Aanhuizen

    My experience at Pet Stop SA is top drawer. Rasta is my preferred contact person. He is very helpful and always gives good advice. I am a Pet Stop SA customer for life. Thanks for the great service and advice. Rasta .
  • Justin

    You guys are the best... None of the other shops walk that extra mile for or with their customers which make pet stop the best.. Keep up the great work guys...
  • Kuni

    I have always had wonderful service at Pet shop over all the years, from when I was only a small boy I remember the first time I went into the shop, still have a very good relationship with everybody there.
  • Peter Roodt

    My experience was and still is an amazing experience every time I visit. From day 1 I have spotted a tank. I eventually bought the tank. The service is extremely flexible and they try their best to make your day. Even when death came to my tank they had remedy for the sickness and saved me thousands. Pet Stop SA has all you need. Someone to listen to your needs and actually provide solutions. Support Pet Stop SA because they indeed support you in return.
  • Raymond

    Petstop experience
    After the sad event where the shop burnt down (Store comment – Jan 2011) There was a competition where one needs to collect contact details for the store so that they can rebuild the customer base. The prize on offer was a large 400L marine aquarium. I was a student at the time and knew I would not be able to get anything close to that for a very long time. I sprung into action collecting as many people as possible and ended up with more than double the number as the second place person. This is the tank that I am still using today.
  • Laurika

    Every time I wanted to do something nice for myself, I treat myself with going to pet stop! We always feel welcome there and the service is GREAT!! Rasta is always asking how my tank is doing!
    We were really struggling with getting certain gravel and you guys even helped with that even if you didn`t have to!
    I love going there because of the excellent service we get! ( And the great quality of the things you sell)!! Very impressed with you guys!!
  • Marile Seyffert

    The staff are always friendly and eager to assist. They all have a wide knowledge base of all fish. Biggest variety of Malawi fish I’ve seen in any store in Pretoria
  • Ruan Erasmus

    I`ve always had excellent experience and Pet Stop. Staff is always friendly, helpful and gives good advice to newbies like me. I have referred numerous people to you with excellent feedback.
  • Aldo

    Always helpful and gives good advice, Rasta is very good!! Visse ook van Goeie gehalte!!!
  • William Wentzel

    My experience at Pet Stop SA
    It has always been very good, all the questions I`ve asked have been thoroughly answered with patience and I`ve always been greeted with a smile.
  • Imraan

    Awesome stuff.
  • Tiaan Smit

    You guys made me pickup this hobby, and even if I have been to other stores, I just keep ending up buying from you! your the best
  • Robert Edward

    I live in Hartbeespoort and whenever I need something I climb in my car and drive all the way to Pet Stop Pavilion Centre, not only do they have good quality products that are affordable, but they also have a great client service and their store is always clean and neat! I have never bought a fish from Pet Stop that has died or given any of my fish illnesses! Their hygiene is up to standard and I always like visiting the store to find smiling faces that are willing to help me pick out the best fish for my tank.
  • Monz

    You guys are amazing. I literally drive from Johannesburg to visit you guys. Best store ever.
  • Chris & Penny

    You have well trained staff who is eager to assist, a well run shop
  • Pierre Roodt

    Got my tank Wednesday last week, and the service and advice I got was top rated. You can see everyone has a passion for the work they do. Not just in it for the money.
  • Aiden

    My experience at Pet Stop SA
    It is a very good pet shop they have helped me with my aquarium and helped me to understand the fish more they have lots of stock and of the best they have everything I need when I need something for my aquarium and they help me to the best options. Thank you for all your help and kindness
  • Gill

    My experience at Pet Stop is always a positive and pleasant one.. The only LFS where the service is prompt and consistent....And the best part is they truly are knowledgeable about what they do.
  • Bruce Els

    My experience at Pet Stop
    Call it good, call it bad.. by just stopping by and looking at the new stock, you just can`t seem to walk out of the shop empty handed. My last 3 purchases all being around R800 each, just shows that it`s my favourite shop to stop. Driving all the way from Kempton park, past Airport pets, Birds & Pets for Africa and Pet Masters .. I`ll continue to shop at Pet Stop. Live stock of best quality and widest variety with loads of extra`s .. and Rasta just knows how to make you feel important.
  • Karl

    My experience with pet stop.
    I ordered 2 tanks from them for my breeding setup. Got very good prices on them and I got very good service from the people at pet stop on the day of the collection. Still very happy with those tanks and they have no leaks on them and are done very nicely. Hope to breed lots more cory`s in them.
  • Kobus Smit

    Service – especially Rasta!
    Livestock quality
    Variety of live stock
    Seeing the needs of clients and adapting

    Not so good:
    Product pricing at least 15 percent more expensive on certain items (oddyssea product)
    SHOP RESPONSE: – this was due to a very recent price increase and it was new stock
    Plants with fish (I personally do not have an issue but many scared of ich etc that attaches itself on plants) Your quality of fish always good so it is not an issue for me.

    Love to see:
    Either on website or via whatsup an opportunity given to people to order certain rare tropical species. Example give a list of 5 fish species and due to interest and deposits paid upfront bring in a certain nr. Of them.
    Plants also will go well on same idea.

    I am very happy with you guys and everything you offer. I drive specifically to your store from PRETORIA east and will continue doing so.
    Almost forgot also an excellent! Keep up with giving us update livestock list on your website
    SHOP RESPONSE: Thanks Kobus! We will take your advice serious 😉