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Nano marine aquariums for beginners

Yes you all know that a nano aquarium is not for beginners, but in reality most beginners want to have a NANO aquarium first for various reasons. These reasons can vary from limited space, cash constraints or just been afraid to go “big” while they do not know if this hobby is for them. Excepting that this is the reality, I decided to help these future reefers onto the best rout so that they can become ambassadors of the stunning marine aquarium hobby.

What is a NANO aquarium? There are loads of definitions out there from less than 60 liters up to aquariums smaller than 130 liters in total. But for the purposes of this article we are excepting the bigger option (up to 130 liter) and that it is the actual liters after displacement by liverock and other décor and hardware.

Because beginners do not know what to look for they go out and buy a pre-manufactured nano aquarium that look the best and are the cheapest available at their local pet supplier. This is normally the beginning of the end of their marine aquarium hobby and a big cause of the myth that marines are nearly imposable. Rather select an nano aquarium that are designed for marines than a freshwater manufactured aquarium that is converted to marines. Furthermore do research into the type of pre-manufactured aquariums track record with other hobbyists.

Modifications made to any manufactured unit always have their pitfalls and drawbacks. As you can think for yourself, a freshwater unit that are modified to suit the needs of your marine inhabitants can become a nightmare and lead to a lot of discomfort and even worse, massive losses. So by ensuring the unit was


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