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Quick Facts

Scientific name: Carassius auratus
Size: 25cm in adult size
Life Span: 12 years
Temperament: Docile and active
Keeper Skill: Great for begginers

Enclosure Setup

Enclosure Type: Tank or bowl, bigger is better
Filter: Recommended
Diet: Flake or pelleted fish food
Specialist Equipment: None, Goldfish are cold water, no need for heaters.

If we had to take a poll from all the people who have fish or who once had fish, I bet that most would have started at the humble goldfish. They are the “gate keepers” of the aquarium hobby with many people starting out with goldfish, finding their confidence and moving onto bigger systems, fancier fish and even marines. However there is a miss conception that goldfish can be boring and plain, this is further from the truth, with a multitude of species and colorations there is a fish for everyone.

So, we ready to get our feet wet in the fish keeping hobby. Where do we start? The best place to start is with where they live. Many people will keep their pet goldfish in a plastic or glass bowl, but as with any fish if you and your budget allows rather go for a bigger tank to give these guys room to grow and thrive. The next thing is the water. They are a cold water species so they don’t need fancy heating systems like the tropical fish do, but they still require some maintenance and a filter system to help breakdown any dangerous waste that may be building up. Whether your choose a bowl or a tank, there is a filter system for all your needs. On top of this a 10 percent water change is needed once a week to just refresh the water and remove any buildup of pollutants. By just looking after your water conditions your new goldfish will thrive.

Time to feed your new fish. These guys are not fussy eaters and will happily eat just about anything. There is a number of commercially made goldfish foods, in flake or pellet form, the type of food you feed is up to you. Goldfish also appreciate some frozen bloodworms, and some algae wafers broken into small pieces.

Goldfish can provide hours of entertainment and relaxation, and is a good place to start when you want to start with the exciting and addictive world of fishkeeping.