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Genus that are mostly safe but with exceptions Gomphosus snout prevent eating ornamental cleaner shrimps and other same size but small inverts are eaten. Very bussy Pseudodax HalichoeresHalichoeres chrysus = feather worms, small shrimps, tubeworms + flat worm, pyrammidellid snails (clam eating snail) parasites on tankmates BUT on the other end is Halichoeres garnoti that will actively hunt invertabrates in the aquarium ++ Halichoeres leucoxanthus- Yellow & Purple Wrasse feather dusters, ornamental shrimp and other similar invertebrates. Novaculichthys Cheilinus Anampses Stethojulis Labrichthys unilineatus mostly act as cleaner wrasse but will nip and eat stony coral polyps.

Bodianus from reef to fish only to tank busters/rough fish. Cleaners as small fish, Bodianus anthioides up to 20cm wil not harm corals but will eat shrimps. Bodianus bimaculatus supremely desirable reef aquarium species 10cm and very beautiful, live single , aggressive towards other yellow wrasses, . Bo masudai 12cm Bodianus opercularis rare but beautiful,

Anampses eat corals?

Cheilinus sp. “splendor wrasse” aply as they are splendid but most grow big. Cheilinus oxycephalus small 15cm reef compatible

Choerodon fasciatus harlequin tusk gentle giant 40cm eat all crustaceans! Ignore anthing to small to eat

Halichoeres this is the catch all genus for wrasses. 70+ species, sand to dig NB. Halichoeres chloropterus green wrasse reef safe, Halichoeres chrysus golden/canary wrasse very good species, Halichoeres iridis 10cm priced species. Halichoeres lecoxanthus 3 spot banana wrasse 9cm

Fish only Thalassoma actively hunt down all inverts, crustaceans and even urchins in aquarium Choerodon Hemigymnus will eat fish, inverts and crustaceans as soon as they fit into their mouths Cheilinus sp Xyrichtys + Novaculicthtys Cheilio Coris = they eat hard crustaceans, urchins, snails, hermits, sponges, mussels, and inverts + turn over rocks. Hologymnosus+ Labropsis Eat invertebrates Diproctacanthus xanthurus are normaly a cleaner wrasse but they will actively eat corals Pseudodax eat inverts and will damage corals if they are after a pray item.

Diproctacanthus xanthurus EAT coral polyps Labropsis alleni EAT coral polyps

Beginners wrasse Paracheilinus carpenter – carpenter’s flasher wrasse + Cirrhilabrus lubbocki – multicolor lubbock’s fairy wrasse + Cirrhilabrus lubbocki – Red head blue wrasse + Pseudocheilinus hexataenia – 6 line wrasse +

Thiose thar burrow and those that do not

Not = Bodianus – territorial – eat invertebrates & crustaceans in their aquarium / exception B rufus that are harmless towards small inverts



Xyrichtys + Novaculicthtys

Cirrhilabrus + Paracheilinus + Pseudocheilinus




DIGGING – Anampses mix them with fish that are not to aggressive or boisterous






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