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Blue face angel fish

Pomacanthus xanthometopon

Quick Facts

Scientific name: Pomacanthus xanthometopon
Size: 38cm in adult size
Reef Compatible: No
Aquarium Size: 500L +
Temperament: Timid for a angel fish

Group of fish:Angel fish

MAX Total adult length: 38cm

Suggested minimum aquarium: 500 liter

Hardiness: Medium – as long as other fish do not bully them

Food requirements: Variety is the spices of life for Blue face angels. J. Spirulina algae are essential in their diet and regular small feedings

Introduction into a reef aquarium: Blue face angels are not recommended as they nibble at the base of corals
Reef compatibility with:

  • Crustaceans No
  • SPS corals No
  • Hard corals No
  • Soft corals No

Aggression notes: The Blue face angel is timid for a angel fish

Special requirements: Boost them with some live brine shrimp when you receive them and make sure that you have hiding places in your aquarium for your Blue face angel